Freqently Asked Questions about Pinewoods

When should we arrive? When should we leave?

Plan to arrive no earlier than 3PM on the first day of your first session. Keep in mind that Pinewoods is at the end of a long dirt road, so leave a little extra time, and be sure to arrive before dark if this is your first time at camp. You should be on your way out of camp by 10AM on the last day of your last session.

What if we're staying for two sessions? Do we have to leave in the middle?

No; you can stay straight through. Lunch will be served in the dining hall on changeover day.

What should we bring?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

• You'll be staying in cabins in the woods, with no laundry facilities or streetlamps, so pack appropriately! Sturdy shoes for the trails, a flashlight (with extra batteries) for nighttime navigation, bug spray, and rain gear are essential.

• You may sweat through more clothes than you usually do, so pack extra. Also, it may be colder than you expect in the evenings — bring something warm, even though it's July!

• Pinewoods provides only a mattress and pillow, so be sure to bring bedding. Camp beds are twin-size. If you're trying to save room in your luggage, you can rent sheets for a nominal fee at camp.

• Bring swimming gear for fun in and around the ponds.

• Bring toiletries and a bath towel for fun in and around the bathrooms.

• The camp store and the auctioneers accept checks, so a checkbook is a good idea.

• Bring all the dance shoes you have, and clothes for evening parties.

• While no dress code is enforced, the norm is kilts and skirts/dresses for classes and evening dances. Additionally, there will be one formal ball in each session. If you intend to take highland or step classes you should bring clothes for stretching on the floor. Please don't bring shoes repaired with duct tape, as they can damage the dance pavilions.

• Other things you may want to remember: an alarm clock; props for the ceilidh (talent show); musical instruments; costumes for themed parties and dances (TBA); a camera; items for the auctions; board games; mats for yoga; a fan; an extension cord; food and drink to contribute to parties; food for any special dietary needs.

Pets, illegal drugs, and firearms are not allowed at camp.

We've provided a printable packing checklist to help you. The camp store sells batteries, flashlights, and other sundries, in case you forget something, and it's open 24 hours a day.

Should I bring my hair dryer / iron?

Due to wiring limitations, heat-producing appliances are permitted only in certain locations. Check with the camp manager before using them, or you might find your half of the camp without power.

Can I announce my local dance event at Pinewoods?

Sure! There is a space for flyers in the dining hall. However, please limit mealtime announcements to Pinewoods-specific topics.

How many people attend Pinewoods?

There are 145 beds at camp, and most years we fill them all. About 20 beds are reserved for teachers, musicians, and other staff, so there's room for about 125 additional campers in each session.

How do you decide who gets in?

If we receive more than 145 applications by the March 1st deadline, we hold a lottery to determine who's placed on the wait list. We reserve some slots for first-time attendees, people traveling intercontinentally, and people who were waitlisted last year (we don't want anyone to be waitlisted two years in a row), then choose randomly from the remaining applications. Applications postmarked after March 1st are added to the wait list if camp is already full, in the order we receive them.

How do I get in off the wait list?

You wait! We usually have between 5 and 20 cancellations each year, and as soon as we learn of one we offer that spot to whomever is at the top of the wait list. We do our best to inform people as soon as we possibly can, but sometimes there are last-minute cancellations. Keeping your plans flexible offers your best chance for getting in.

I can't come for the whole session. Can I visit for the day?

Pinewoods Camp is very firm about not allowing day visitors, so we can't invite anyone down for the day. If you really want to see camp and can't make it for a full session, you could give other campers a ride to or from camp. While they're unpacking, you can take a stroll around the paths, and free up a parking space at the same time!

Are there wild animals at Pinewoods?

Are there ever! In recent years we've seen snapping turtles, musk turtles, painted turtles, bullfrogs, green frogs, treefrogs, minks, red squirrels, flying squirrels, garter snakes, salamanders, great blue herons, green herons, cormorants, wild turkeys, a wide variety of freshwater fish, and the ever-elusive inflatable sheep.